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How To Draw Winnie The Pooh

Starting Circle with croos hair lines

Start with a circle
You can start to draw most cartoon charters with and circle. Winnie the pooh works very well with this drawing method. Using very light lines so they can be erased easily later. Draw a circle about the size you want pooh's head to be. Place a cross hair in the center of the circle.

Pooh bears head outline

Step 2
Starting just above the horizontal center line draw Winnie's puffy cheeks and follow the circle around below his chin. Draw the top of his head starting at the same point you used for his cheeks. Give the sides and top of his head a slight bulge.

Pooh bears ears eyes and mouth

Step 3
Draw pooh bear's ears. They are basically an upside down letter U. They should be slightly miss shaped, do not try to make a perfect U. Draw his round eyes just less then half way from the center of the circle's edge. Give each eye a hash line from the bottom to outline his cheeks. Now draw pooh's big smile.

Drawing Pooh bear's noose

Step 4
Your almost done, draw Winnie's noose and the line for his snout just above it. Extend the line for his snout just pass the edges of pooh's nose. Now carefully erase all the lines in blue and a small space at the bottom of each ear.

Color your Pooh bear
Use a slight lighter shade
through the middle of his face to highlight his cheeks.

erase drawings unwanted lines Finish drawing Winnie the Pooh
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